Fabrics in depth part one: Linen

Fabrics in depth part one: Linen


Linen, what is it?

Linen is a flax-based fabric. It is one of the oldest natural fabrics. And it is the perfect fabric for warmer days. We therefore use linen in every summer collection. Linen is sustainable and gets softer over time.

How it’s made

Linen is made out of flax: a flowering plant with small white or blue flowers which attract insects. As soon as the flowers die, the flax is ready to be harvested and turned into linen.

Once the flax is harvested the leaves and seeds are separated from the flax. After drying the flax, the process of turning flax into linen continues.

First, the flax will be broken. This way it turns into fibres. After breaking the flax, the inner fibres will be combed into a fine usable fibre for spinning the fibres into small ropes making it yarn. This yarn is ready to be dried for the last time. making it ready for weaving the yarn into linen fabric. Once woven, linen has an open texture, explaining the breathing characteristics of the fabric.


Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics to create garments.

First of all, the flax -of which the linen is made- is a flowering plant that attracts insects and as such growing flax benefits biodiversity.

Furthermore linen garments are long lasting pieces. The fiber of linen is thicker and longer, compared to cotton. It is therefore stronger and can last up to 20 years when proper take care of.


  • highly breathable
  • moisture absorbent
  • no stretch
  • low pilling
  • gets softer overtime
  • lightweight
  • durable
In short: we love linen. Do you?

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